Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Baskets


Today I have made some Easter Baskets (thanks to France Martin's instructions.)

This basket is from an A4 piece of card stock. Just trim the longer side to 11", the short side is correct size. Then score the short size at 2-7/8", turn the card around and score the same again. On the long side score at 1",2",3",4",7",8",9",10".
Fold at the score lines of 4" and 7" and the 2 score lines at 2-7/8". Then cut where it is scored at 1", 2",3",4",7",8",9" and 10" as shown below. Only cut to the horizontal score lines.

Next fold one side of flaps inwards and place into Square Lattice embossing folder. This folder will fit sideways into the big shot as shown below. I only put it through the big shot to the edge of the embossing folder, then wound it backwards to remove it.

Do this on both ends. The middle does not get embossed.
Next I trimmed a small amount from the middle flap, a triangle on each side and about 1/4" from the edge, so when the basket is put together it will fit nicely inside. Then pierce a hole in the centre if each of the 1" pieces about 1/4" in from the edge.

To put together, fold each of the 1" flaps towards to centre to get a good crease. Position the card so the long side is facing toward you. Taking the left hand 1" piece, place a brad through the hole from the front. It is best to use a brad with a longer shaft as its easier to get all the pieces of card onto it. Then add each piece in turn to the brad. Ensure the middle flap is folded to the inside at this point. Now taking the 1" pieces on the right hand side starting with the top or very right piece put each onto the brad. If it isn't done in the correct order it won't match the other side. Then put a hole in the middle flap and add to the brad.

Repeat on other side

To make the handle cut the top piece as shown from where the cut finishes one side to the other side.

Once cut, the pieces will move to form the handles. How simple!

I shredded some paper and put it the bottom and added the Easter eggs. I hope the Grandchildren will like them. I have already given 2 of the grandsons theirs as i wont see them on Easter Sunday, and they loved them, possibly the chocolates eggs more than the baskets!!

If you want to add a sentiment as I did on this one, I stamped Happy Easter from The Teeny Tiny Sentiments, cut a tag with the Hearts a Flutter Framelits and put onto the brad before assembling the basket.

Stampin' Up Supplies used:

Cherry Cobbler Card stock - 121681 - p 155
Square Lattice embossing folder - # 119976 - p 189
Antique Brads - # 117273 - p 174
Big shot - # 113439 - p 186
Cherry cobbler ink - # 126966 - p 155
Teeny Tiny Sentiments stamp set - # 120024 - p 133
Hearts a flutter Framelits - # 130159 - p 11 seasonal catalogue
Simply Scored Scoring Tool - # 122334 - p 181

Hope you have fun making this Easter Basket. This would also be suitable for a baby basket. My 4 year old grandson made the comment that it also looked like a baby capsule. I thought that was very observant of him.
If you want to watch a video on making this go to
I have made a couple of small changes to her instructions. I trimmed the longer side to 11", and scored the shorter side so it was even. Also the way I put the card into the embossing folder I found worked and only had 2 layers of card instead of 3 to go through the big shot.

Thought for the day :
Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.

Till next time
😊Happy Stamping😊

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